Why Your Brita Filter May Be Contaminating Your Water?

Why Your Brita Filter May Be Contaminating Your Water?

Drinking enough water is most important for our health. It prevents dehydration in our body. Normally, there could be various contaminants found in drinking water, such as chemicals and organic materials. 

These could extensively pose serious health risks. Drinking this contaminated water also has immediate health effects like dizziness, nausea, and more. Based on Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there are also certain contaminants linked with long-term effects on our health. 

These include nervous system disorders, liver and kidney damage, increased risk of cancer and more.

The Brita Filter:

Water filtration systems such as the Brita play an important role in extensively removing contaminants from drinking water. 

These also ensure the water you are drinking is completely safer. Installing the filtration system is one of the best options for drinking pure water.

Perhaps, the Brita filters could filter some of the contaminants found in public water. But there is no guarantee that this removes bacteria or other microorganisms from the water. 

Replacing the brita water filter cartridges is one of the best options for easily obtaining clean and crisp water even without any hassle.

The Function Of Brita Filters:

In the modern day, the Brita filters are quite popular for their quick filtration method. These Brita filters use the best reverse osmosis. 

It is especially known as one of the efficient techniques for easily filtering drinking water at your home. This filter uses the 2 Tier pitcher along the carbon as well as resin filters. The water is poured into them to start the filtration process.

Brita filters reduce the taste and odor of chlorine during the filtration process. changing the brita water filter cartridges removes contaminants such as Copper, Cadmium, Mercury, Zinc, and many more. Brita water filters are helpful for removing contaminants from drinking water. These ensure the water is completely safe to drink.

The performance of Brita filters has been accommodating the public’s needs for water filtration. Are you looking for pure-tasting water at your home? Using this filter cartridge allows you to easily filter the water to get the purest drinking form.

Hidden Build Up In Brita Filters:

Brita claims to be effective in purifying water by removing dangerous chemicals and metals. But there is also one of the major flaws contributing contamination of water with the filtration system.

Based on a recent study from the University of Berkeley, the Brita water filters do not kill any microorganisms found in the water supply. 

The main reason is that filter is not designed to kill bacteria. If you fail to conduct proper maintenance, it could become a breeding ground for microorganisms.

Do Brita Filters Work?

Based on various resources, the Brita filters could actually be contaminating your water supply. These may not be the best water filtration alternative for your home. Here is no proof that this Brita filter provides 100% filtration on bacteria or other microorganisms.

The main reason is that Brita filters work with the activated charcoal and ion exchange filtering system. The exact filtration process Brita is completely patented. Pores of activated charcoal trap larger particles along with positively charged materials in carbon filters and also attract the negatively charged ions.

These smaller contaminants will be present in the water, so they stick to the filter. The size of the mesh screen used on the brita water filter cartridges is quite effective in filtering bacteria and microorganisms. Brita manufactures standalone water filtration systems, which are installed for filtering water.

Standalone filters especially have portable pitchers and dispensers, giving better stability. Installed water filtration systems also involve faucet filtration as well as refrigerator water filters. Brita water filter works perfectly on removing bacteria and other contaminants with the regular changing of the filter cartridges.

Replacing Your Brita Filter:

To ensure that Brita products are effective, it is important to replace the filter cartridges based on the manufacturing guidelines. Brita filters are also designed to easily filter the complete impurities from the drinking water.

When you do not change filter cartridges at the recommended time, then the brita filter may contaminate your water. 

Sometimes, you could see the tiny carbon pieces inside of the pitcher or glass. Then it is time to change the filter to ensure you get the best result.

Normally, the water filters in the systems need to be replaced if they have filtered 40 gallons of water. It could take about 2 to 3 months in a household. 

The time period depends on how much water you drink, the type of filtration system you have, water’s overall hardness and even water’s contamination level. 

Brita provides complete water filtration unique with requiring replacements than others. Brita filter needs to be replaced frequently to remove water contaminants regularly.


Brita’s suggestions on replacing your filter are quite important to be considered. Replacing the water filter cartridges within the timeframe is quite important for most households. 

Nonwoven element reduces sediment as water passes through the filter. Replacing the filter cartridges also removes the smaller contaminants on carbon block traps.

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