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Which is the best waterproof mobile?

Just like every other electronic gadget, our smartphones are also extremely vulnerable to water damage. Now-a-days, everyone is hooked to their mobile phone, and some of us also carry it with us to the toilet (guilty as charged). To stay stress-free about any accidental splashes or water damage, choosing a waterproof smartphones certainly seems like the wisest option.

Part 1: Why get a waterproof smartphones?

Here are some other reasons why you should invest in waterproof cell phones:


What most of us don’t realise is that, just like our hands, our mobile phones are also exposed to all kinds of dirt, germs, and scrapes. Some researchers have indicated that a smartphone display is dirtier than a toilet seat, and the same smartphone stays in our hands while eating, working, and who knows what else. So, washing your smartphone under water instead of cleaning it with a microfiber cloth seems like an amazing option.


You don’t have to rush to get your hands dry just to answer an incoming call when you have a waterproof Android phone. Water resistance certainly adds multiple conveniences to your smartphone usage. For instance, you can easily text, attend calls, use the volume buttons, and do much more even while bathing. So, having a waterproof phone is certainly a luxury that removes multiple restrictions on the way you use your mobile phone.

Ease of mind – waterproof smartphones

The security and peace of mind that waterproof phones provide are their best features. You never know if your afternoon walk will take a hit from the pouring rain. You can also unintentionally drop your smartphone in the bathroom or drop a cup of coffee near your mobile. The point is that our smartphones are constantly at risk of getting exposed to liquid damage in many elements of daily life. According to estimates, most people will sooner or later experience water damage. With water-resistant smartphones, you can unwind and relax, as water resistance can protect your phone in all these circumstances.

Exercise partner

For those who like to engage in physical activity, waterproof also means sweat-proof. You can carry your smartphone with you when running, and you can answer incoming calls, listen to music, or use other features within your smartphone even when you are sweating. If you run outside, you can keep your phone with you even during extreme weather conditions because most water-resistant phones are also dust-resistant, so you are pretty well protected for any kind of weather variation.

Part 2: How do waterproof smartphones work?

We all know how annoying it is when our smartphones become wet. Water and phones just don’t go together, whether it’s from rainfall, perspiration, or an accidental splash in the bathroom. But what if your smartphone was water-resistant? Waterproof phones can help with all of these challenges.

Water-resistant smartphones are made with unique coating materials and sealants that protect them from any possible water damage. Additionally, the components used in the design and manufacture of these phones enabled their prolonged submersion in water. These wonders pose a question to our minds, i.e., how do waterproof smartphones function then? The simplest solution lies in their design. Special gaskets and valves are used in the manufacturing of waterproof phones to keep the water outside of their internal systems.

They also have a water-repellent external coating, so most of the splashes or water drops can just slide right off without reaching the smartphone’s internal components. These coatings work similarly to the dust-resistant solutions in many ways.

Part 3: Which phones provide the best water resistance?

There are various types and forms of water resistance available on the market. It is important to understand that not every water-resistant smartphone is the same. Moreover, there is a difference between a water-resistant and a waterproof smartphone. Let’s have a look at some of the best waterproof cell phones available on the market.


Screen size: 6.56 inches

Resolution: 720 x 1612 pixels

Weight: 190g

Battery: 5000 mAh

Camera: Dual main cameras (48 MP wide, 2 MP deep), single front-facing 8 MP camera.

Operating System: Android 12.

The OPPO A77 5G is a truly exceptional device in all aspects. Along with a 6nm processor, RAM extension capability, and crystal-clear display, the smartphone also provides IPX4 water resistance to its customers, which means that the smartphone is protected against any accidental water splashes or drops. However, this doesn’t mean that you should submerge the phone underwater or do photography and/or videography while swimming in your pool, as IPX4 doesn’t provide under-water coverage to the smartphone. Other than that, the smartphone comes with a high battery capacity of 5000 mAh, which lasts throughout the day, so you don’t need to carry your charger to school or work.

Part 4: Difference between water-resistance and waterproof smartphones

If we talk honestly, no smartphone is totally waterproof. Yes, waterproof smartphones exist in the industry, but they come with different tolerance levels. Some of the most advanced models can be kept underwater for a specific period of time because they are made to be water-proof. Depending on the manufacturer, a smartphone can be kept underwater at different depths and for different periods of time. However, most smartphones are made to resist light rain or accidental splashes. In other words, most of the cheap waterproof phones are, in fact, water resistant.

You must be wondering, if this is the case, then why not prefer a waterproof phone over a water-resistant phone? The reason is simple. Waterproof phones that allow their users to do underwater photography are highly costly and usually require the user to pour down thousands of pounds. However, even after spending so extravagantly, you will be getting only a handful of features that are not available in a water-resistant phone. Thereby, getting a waterproof phone is not such a wise financial decision.

On the other hand, a water-resistant phone is enough for dealing with the daily challenges of a smartphone user. You can enjoy the extra convenience, additional protection, and ease of mind for the same price as an ordinary smartphone. This makes your device highly durable, so it can last without any challenges or damages for a longer period of time. So, while making a purchase decision, choosing a water-resistant phone is surely a highly recommended option.

Additional Tips – waterproof smartphones!

Even if you have a water-resistant phone, here are some additional tips that will help you keep your smartphone much more durable for the upcoming years. Have a quick look!

Avoid exposing your smartphone to salty or chemically treated water. The smartphones are usually tested in labs with fresh and clean water. It means that going for a walk near the beach or using your smartphone after a quick swim in the sea should be avoided.

A water-resistant phone helps you avoid water damage. However, as your smartphone gets wet or damp, try to dry it as soon as possible. It will help in ensuring that none of the water drops reach the inner surface.

Whenever the smartphone is wet, try to avoid pushing any buttons, as it will pose a threat of water getting into the phone.

Water-resistant solely refers to protection against water exposure (as in, your smartphone may not be milk-, soda-, or beer-resistant).

Final Remarks – Water Smartphones

In conclusion, a water-resistant phone is unquestionably worthwhile. Just think of it as having an extra cover on your smartphone that protects it from accidental water splashes, light rain, and sweat. This certainly increases your smartphone’s durability and reliability. OPPO offers some highly efficient, cheap waterproof phones, which help you stay extra cautious without breaking your wallet. OPPO’s A77 5G is one of them. If you want further information, you can check out the details on the internet. Have a good day!

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