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Which Fabric To Choose For Home Furniture Covers?

Cushions are a decorative accessory that brings charm and elegance to your living room, your room and your exterior. Home furniture covers can also change the decor of your interior, which is why it is important to choose the right fabric. Changing the cushion cover regularly makes it possible to renew its decoration at little cost. Here are some practical tips for choosing the right fabric for your cushion covers.

The Different Types of Interior Cushion Fabric Available On the Market

The material of your cushion covers is chosen according to the atmosphere you want to give to your interior. Discover the different materials for interior cushions.

The Cotton Fabric

Cotton is the most popular fabric for interior decoration. This material of plant origin can be used as a simple component in several types of fabrics or the sole material of a fabric. In order not to fade cotton, it should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Linen Fabric

This plant material is appreciated in the world of interior decoration. Its smooth texture allows you to highlight the interior of your living room. In addition to being a natural material that respects the environment, linen fabric is resistant and solid. Linen’s ability to wrinkle appeals to many decorators. You can always opt for this fabric if you want to opt for a contemporary, modern and even chic style of decoration.

The Velvet Fabric

Velvet is appreciated for its softness and the brilliant reflections of the light it produces. It can also invite itself into your living room to cover your cushions. This noble material blends with other decorative pieces of different materials. Velvet fits well in a retro and vintage style.

The Bachette Fabric

Being a resistant and thick material, the tarpaulin offers your cushion a very good hold. This material is the must-have for interior decoration thanks to the feeling of lightness it gives. Easy to sew, the bachette fabric has a smooth texture that makes you want to snuggle up in the cushions of your sofa.

The Viscose

Viscose or artificial silk is a smooth, shiny and soft to the touch material. It can intensify the brilliance of colors by fixing the dyes with which it is covered. With high strength, viscose fabric does not felt easily. On the other hand, this material is not very elastic and wrinkles easily.

Which Outdoor Cushion Fabric to Choose?

You can find various fabrics for outdoor cushions today. Each cushion model can be covered with a different fabric. The choice of a fabric for an outdoor cushion depends on the resistance, the use and above all the taste of each one.     

The Cotton

Natural fiber cotton canvas is an excellent choice for outdoor use. If you want to opt for this material, choose it with coating. The latter indeed gives it a water-repellent appearance, which is very advantageous for outdoor use. And even if the resistance of this fabric is limited in time, it gives you a 100% natural and harmonious exterior.


Waterproof and resistant, acrylic fabric is a perfect choice to dress your outdoor cushions. This material can easily withstand prolonged outdoor use. The other characteristic of the acrylic fabric is that it prevents dust and dirt from collecting in the soft filling of the cushion.

Le Polyester

It is a well-known textile material in the manufacture of clothing. It is also very popular in the manufacture of water- repellent fabrics for the exterior and shade sails. However, this type of fabric is not waterproof.


This outdoor fabric par excellence is ideal for covering your cushions. It is also water, heat and mold resistant. Polypropylene offers you multiple customization possibilities.

Choose A Fabric For The Cushions According To The Type Of Use

Cushion fabric can be both functional and decorative. It adds comfort to your living room to keep guests comfortable. You also have the option of buying your cushion fabric by the meter to get the custom measurements you need. These decorative elements bring a great novelty to your decor, but it is important to take certain criteria into account when choosing the fabric with which you will make them.

Home decor fabrics are available in plains and prints. Due to the intensive use of your cushion, therefore, prefer resistant and firm fabrics. Your cushion covers tear quickly if you choose fabrics that are too thin or too delicate.

What Are The Characteristics To Consider For The Fabric?

The Type of Touch

It’s good to know what feel you want from the touch of the fabric when choosing your living room cushion. Indeed, some fabrics are softer than others.

Color and Patterns

The choice of color and pattern will vary depending on your decorating style in the room where the cushions will be installed. Prefer colors or patterns that give originality to your decoration and your entire interior. If you have a color theme in the room, then try to find designs that match your theme.

Fabric Care

 When choosing the fabric for your living room, don’t forget to take care of it into consideration. Indeed, this is an essential criterion for choosing the most ideal cushion for your interior. Washable fabrics that can be put in the washing machine are more beneficial in contrast to delicate materials that need to be dry cleaned.

From now on, you have all the essential information to find the best possible fabric for your indoor or outdoor cushions. Whether you plan to make cushions for your interior or exterior, opt for a fabric that is both soft and strong. Regarding the color and patterns, it’s up to you to choose the one that fits your cushions.

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