Which EMR solution to choose: Praxis EMR or EZDERM EMR? 

What is Praxis EMR?   

Praxis EMR allows physicians to practice medicine uniquely rather than being limited by built-in templates. As a result, it has been demonstrated to give constant user satisfaction with faster charting. In addition, a document manager, a knowledge exchanger, a patient portal, and other features are available.  

Praxis EMR– key features  

  • Concept Processing: Users can chart uniquely, with AI technology learning and adapting to their preferences with use. It recognizes identical text in familiar or identical cases and automatically completes the claim based on previous similar instances.  
  • Patient-Provider Portal: Use an integrated portal to communicate, educate, and engage patients online. The portal automatically updates information to share with patients. In addition, it facilitates collaboration with providers, population health management, and other functions.  
  • Document Manager: The system’s document management tool, automatically imports and archives paper charts, scanned documents, faxes, and electronic files.  
  • Intelligent Practice Advisories: Based on patient data, provides medical advice, assistance, and treatment procedures. The non-template format allows for on-the-fly editing or creation.  
  • Knowledge Exchanger: Access knowledge bases, communicate information with doctors worldwide, and enter data in a tailored style for better comprehension.  
  • Praxis Agents: Smart messengers can communicate on behalf of physicians. The progressive learning system automates timely reminders and events and assists patients in engaging with secure email and a portal.  
  • Reports: The Datum functionality of the software makes reporting more straightforward. The software embeds discrete data in the text rather than adding imprecise language to templates. As a result, users can easily create, save, and share any clinical parameter. This meets MACRA and Physician Quality Reporting Initiative (PQRI), Meaningful Use, P4P, and evidence-based medicine requirements.  
  • Advice on best practices: At the point of care, Praxis’ Practice Advisories provide just-in-time medical guidance, decision support, and whole treatment procedures. In addition, physicians can write and change Practice Advisories on the fly.  

What Makes PRAXIS EMR unique?  

Praxis is driven by AI, which makes utilizing the EHR faster and easier as your practice uses it more frequently. One of the more intriguing assertions on their website was that they did not use templates. Praxis provides several explanations for this, with time invested being one of the most important. Nevertheless, it’s fascinating because many EHRs tout the fact that they offer templates as one that sets them apart from their competitors.  

Praxis EMR Pros and cons  

Advantages of Praxis EMR  

  • Its template-free paperwork protects doctors against malpractice. It records the thought process and refines the rationale with each patient, avoiding accusations that users practice ‘cookie-cutter’ medicine.  
  • Its automation feature reduces medical errors while also improving medical paperwork.  

The disadvantages of Praxis EMR  

  • The app, according to users, has a steep learning curve.  
  • Features may be challenging to locate.  

What is the PRAXIS EMR Price? 

What is the price of Praxis EMR? Praxis is well-known for its low prices and wide range of software. They also offer a special offer for new practices, including cheap payments for three, six, or twelve months to get started.  

What is EZDERM and what are its benefits? Can it replace Praxis EMR? 

 EZDERM is an Electronic Health Records (EHR) program built for Dermatological offices. EZDERM EHR is a comprehensive software that helps medical practitioners to automate their regular tasks. The program is compatible with iOS devices and may be controlled or used remotely via iPads or iPhones. The software has high-tech capabilities like 3D Body Maps, which allow users to log client visits using over 3,000 anatomical regions. In addition, the program enables simple data and image exchange and retrieval within the system.  

EZDERM EHR Key Features  

  • Clinical Documentation: According to EZDERM assessments, the EZDERM EMR software is well-known for its capacity to reduce paperwork for you. Furthermore, the entire product includes 3D Body Maps, allowing you to capture your patient encounters using over 3,000 anatomical locations visually.  
  • Appointment Scheduling Tool: Another essential feature of EZDERM EMR Software is the ability to schedule appointments. For example, the Appointment Scheduler option in EZDERM EMR helps you track patient appointments in real-time.  
  • E&M coding: The powerful program can be tailored to any Dermatology practice’s workflow. It also offers automatic coding for precise documentation and CPT, ICD-10, and E&M coding.  


EZDERM’s initial investment is much lower than the average for EMR software. It is also less expensive than other solutions on the market, starting at $499 per month. A license is less costly than the continuing maintenance, customization, and troubleshooting expenditures of a traditional EMR. Hardware and support services are also included with EZDERM. this software is less expensive than standard EMR software and allows for complete customization. The software is also available for mobile devices and is cloud-based.  

EZDERM Pros and Cons 


  • This tool has been beneficial for medical billing.  
  •  The solution is inexpensive and accessible to the majority of consumers.  
  • The solution is compatible with both existing and new applications.  
  • Because the solution features suitable user interfaces, users find it simple.  
  • In addition to a good product, EZDERM provides excellent customer assistance that continues long after the practice has “gone live” with the program.  


  • If the patient does not have email or is otherwise technologically disadvantaged, intake can take some time.  
  • Not very adjustable; it requires some try and error.  

Praxis EMR or EZDERM? Last Thought 

Your needs and budget determine the choice between Praxis EMR and EZDERM EMR software. Praxis is a high-quality healthcare platform that claims to be a partner to medical practices rather than merely a third-party solution.

With an AI system built in, Praxis has become one of the quickest and easiest-to-use healthcare platforms. It is designed to add value to care services and has a no-template interface.

Praxis EMR software’s origins can be traced back to its desire to provide the greatest possible medical benefits. As a result, unlike many other EHR solutions that reduce physician efficiency, it does not reduce the quality of medicine. EZDERM is a fully customized and cost-effective dermatological EHR system.

It includes trouble monitoring as well as configurable progress notes. It also has enhanced scheduling, automated eligibility, and ERA. The software’s user interface is simple to use and can save a dermatologist a significant amount of time.

It’s also compatible with cell phones and tablets so that you can access it anywhere. The decision is straightforward. EZDERM is your best bet if you are a dermatologist because it is exclusively created for the dermatology interface. If not, use Praxis EMR, a versatile and technologically advanced EHR platform. 

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