New In On-ground Events

What’s New In On-ground Events?

On-ground events are back but bigger and better, now in-person events are more digital and attract a huge audience. Today event organizers host more in-person events rather than virtual and hybrid events. These events are more impactful and help event organizers gain the attention of their audience. 

Now event organizers are also using in-person event platforms, WhatsApp automation, online registration, ticketing, and other such features to enhance their in-person events. During an on-ground event, event attendees are present at the event and that’s the reason why most of the event organizers use advanced features to provide unique experiences to their event attendees, and it will also make them stand out from their competition. 

We are going to discuss what’s new in on-ground events if you are interested in knowing to continue reading. 

Updates In On-Ground Events 

Here is what’s new in on-ground events: 

1. In-Person Event Platform 

There was a time when event planners used to host a traditional in-person event but managing and scaling that event becomes difficult for them. The aftermath of the in-person event becomes difficult without an event platform. Now there are a lot of in-person event platforms available in the event industry and event planners prefer hosting their on-ground events with an in-person event platform. 

In-person event platforms have various features that can help event planners help their attendees network and connect with other people at the event. These platforms make it easier for event organizers to manage their attendees and their data in one place. 

2. Online Event Registration

Online event registration is also becoming part of on-ground events these days. Because on-ground events take place in person most of the event organizers used to offer on-site registrations only for the event but now event planners have started offering online registration for the in-person events. They can use in-person event platforms, email, and WhatsApp for offering online registration for the event. With the help of online registration, event organizers will be able to keep a track of registration for the event. 

3. WhatsApp For Events

On the ground, events are becoming advanced and now WhatsApp is also becoming part of in-person events. There are various ways in which event organizers can use WhatsApp for in-person events. Whatsapp can help event organizers send automatic notifications regarding any last-minute changes in the event or other regular updates, it can also help event organizers send invites, personalized welcome messages, thank you messages, etc. With the help of WhatsApp events, organizers can keep the track of the user journey on the platform.

4. Gamification 

In-person events are becoming interactive and fun. Nowadays games are becoming part of in-person events. Event planners and organizers are using games for the promotions and marketing of the event. Event planners use games and leaderboards to attract more audiences to on-ground events. 

In-person events take place at a particular venue which makes it easier for event planners to set up a game at the event venue. These games are a fun way of engaging the audience and they can also help in the branding and marketing of the event. 

5. E-commerce 

Online shopping has become a huge part of individuals’ life these days and just like that now it has also become a part of the event industry. In-person, events can offer event merchandise. During an in-person event, event planners can set up a merchandise section for the audience but that’s not just it, they can offer the same merchandise online. They can build a microsite for the merchandise or they can also offer merchandise through WhatsApp automation. It becomes easier for event planners to offer merchandise online. 

6. Push Notifications 

Push notifications are a quick way of engaging with users. Event planners use push notifications to send event reminders and updates. They can also use push notifications to collect quick feedback, short questions and answer sessions, polls, surveys, etc. With the help of push notifications, they can also share some special and personalized discounts with the users. 

7. Digital Event Desk 

By providing 24*7  assistance with various aspects of your on-site event, you may make things easier for your event attendees. If they have any questions about your event or brand, they should be able to get in touch with you. Additionally, you can easily manage thousands of customer conversations with the help of the event desk. Robust customer support in an in-person event can help you offer top-notch service to your experience. 

8. QR-based Check-Ins 

Now in-person events have become more technology-based. Digital technology has become a huge part of in-person events. Because event planners offer online registration and tickets for the in-person event they also allow QR-based checks-in during the event. It makes the process of entry during the event more convenient as the event attendee can simply scan their ticket and enter the event which saves time for both. 

9. Photo Booths

Photo booths are in trend. Event planners are also setting up photo booths and social walls at their event venue to market their event and engage their audience. With a photo booth, the event organizer has better scope of promotion. Event planners can also have a social wall in the event as it will motivate event participants to take part in such activities and post it on their social media accounts. 

10. Mobile Event App 

Just like in-person event platforms, even mobile event apps also help event planners manage their events in one place. Event planners are getting dedicated mobile apps for their events, these apps can have engagement features, and networking features and can help event attendees navigate through the event venue, etc. Event planners can customize their app according to their event requirements. 

The Bottom Line 

Because in-person events are powerful and attract a lot of audiences, event planners want to create an experience that can have a strong impact on them. In-person events can help event planners get more sponsors and now these events have become a huge part of the event industry. From online registration to event ticketing everything is new for in-person events. In-person events have seen a shift and might see more advancement because of smart event solutions. 

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