Top 10 Car Brands in China

Rev up your engines; it’s time for a thrilling tour of China’s top 10 car brands! Get ready to explore the diverse range of models and manufacturers that have made China one of the world’s leading car markets. You will want to experience this exciting journey through the top Chinese car brands, from luxury to budget vehicles. Buckle up, and let’s go!


Geely is a force to be reckoned with in the auto industry. With over 4 million cars sold since 1986, $21.9 billion made in 2018, and a presence in 80 countries and regions, this global player is truly making its mark. From its 50,000 employees and $1.7 billion investment in R&D to its focus on electric and hybrid vehicles, Geely is setting the stage for a bright future, having been the fourth-largest Chinese car company in 2018. Get ready – this brand is sure to make a lasting impact!

GAC Motor

Established in 1992, the Guangzhou-based automotive giant has seen its highest sales soar to a dizzying 450 000 units in a single year. Achieving such a feat took a lot of work. Yet, GAC Motor has succeeded in doing so with its reliable and high-performing vehicles and cutting-edge technologies and services. Its most popular models, such as the All New GS4, All New GS8, are further testimony of their greatness!

Great Wall Motors:

GWM has ascended to the summit of the auto industry, becoming the world’s leading producer of SUVs and pickup trucks. Monumental success has been achieved, as the Chinese brand has carved out a dominant presence in the global market, with their Haval and Wingle models becoming household names. In the words of the Bard, ‘What a piece of work is GWM, how noble in reason, how infinite in faculty of SUV and pickup truck.’

Li Auto 

In a trice, Li Auto has emerged as a significant player in the Chinese auto industry. Since their inception in 2015, the Beijing-based company has astounded the market with their groundbreaking electric SUV, released in 2020.

The fruits of their labor are evidenced by their 2020 financial report, wherein they delivered over 31,300 vehicles and earned a staggering 4.86 billion yuan in total revenue, with a net income of 517 million yuan. Verily, Li Auto is a relatively new car branded, but its success hath already surpassed many of its contemporaries.”

Dongfeng Motor

A master of the motor trade, Dongfeng Motor has scaled the heights of success. With a mammoth 51% stake in the Dongfeng Motor Corporation and Nissan Motor Company joint venture, it has become the empress of passenger vehicles in China, attaining a 13.2% market share in 2020. It has well-nigh 1,400 dealerships across the realm, and its vehicles have been dispersed to over 80 far-flung nations.

Moreover, Dongfeng Motor has also ventured into commercial vehicles, construction machinery, and electric vehicles while being implicated in the progress of modern technologies, such as autonomous driving. Undoubtedly, Dongfeng Motor is a powerful presence to be reckoned with.


BYD Auto, the illustrious ‘Build Your Dreams’ company, has been a prominent presence in the automotive industry since 2003, with worldwide sales of 700,000 vehicles and 400,000 in 2020 alone. Their greatness has been further exemplified by their 17.6% market share in the first half of 2020.

To preserve their pre-eminence and remain the most esteemed motor vehicle maker in the world, they have increased their car range and ventured into producing solar panels and rechargeable batteries. BYD is thus advancing on their quest to become the paramount motor vehicle manufacturer globally.

Foton Motor 

Foton Motor, the Chinese behemoth, has held the market in its thrall with its mighty 11.4% market share. Its armament of SUVs, MPVs, pickup trucks, commercial vehicles, and agricultural machinery has made its mark in more than a hundred countries and regions. Annually, this colossus produces an astonishing 1.3 million cars, solidifying its stature as the largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in China and an eminent exporter of commercial vehicles worldwide.

Hawtai Motor

Hawtai Motor, a behemoth in the Chinese automotive industry since its founding in 2005, has achieved wondrous success. Headquartered in Baoding, Hebei, it has sold 1.3 million units since 2019, becoming the sixth-largest car brand in China.

Its ambition extends beyond its home country, now operating in Australia and South Korea. Its shrewd adoption of advanced technologies and new energy vehicles further enhances its prominence. Indeed, a marvelous feat for a company that has only graced this world for 15 years!

SAIC Motor 

SAIC Motor, the noblest Chinese car marque, has reigned the market since 1997, with a staggering 5 million vehicles sold in 2018, claiming 18.2% of the total market. Thirty thousand dealers, Shanghai, Nanjing, and Chongqing production facilities, and joint ventures with General Motors, Volkswagen, and Volvo testify to its unquestioned sovereignty.

This majestic manufacturer extends its dominion far beyond China’s borders via partnerships with other Chinese automakers and international brands.


The illustrious BAIC, a state-owned Chinese carmaker, has become renowned for its fleet of sedans, SUVs, and electric vehicles. In 2019, its sales exceeded four million, establishing it as one of the greatest manufacturers in the nation. Its cars are also treasured abroad, traveling to many corners of the world, from Europe to North Africa and Latin America. Most recently, BAIC has forged a new path with its Arcfox electric vehicle brand and has pledged to invest in autonomous driving technology, aiming to have a self-driving car on the roads by 2021.


Royalty rules the Chinese car industry! From Geely to BAIC, myriad models and marques grace this flourishing market, boasting 4 million car sales since ’86, the revenue of $21.9 billion in ’18, and spanning 80 countries and regions. Luxury and budget vehicles alike, these triumphant titans have left a lasting legacy of trusty, powerful cars, innovative technologies, and services. So, buckle up and prepare to be awed by these monarchs of the motorways – the possibilities are limitless!

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