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Sandakphu Phalut Trek- All you need to know about the trek


Sandakphu Phalut trek or the shorter Sandakphu journey is a must do journey for people looking to explore Darjeeling/ Sikkim hills with stirring outlook of Himalayan peaks. Sandakphu is the loftiest point of West Bengal at 3636 m/11926 ft. in the quarter of Darjeeling and Phalut is another table top on the same crest. This journey follows the notorious Singalila Ridge, a prominent spur of high ground that lies at the southern end of a long crest, which runs down from the Kanchendzongha.

One of the necessary musts of touring in Himalaya is that the stylish views are had from high up but the journey along this crest, passing through small agreements, is maybe the one of the most scenically satisfying in the Himalaya. This is indeed an ideal journey for the educated pedestrians in a Tea- House style. . The notorious “ Sleeping Buddha ” conformation of peaks is a delight for all.

The Singalila National park area has rare species like Red Panda and is a fowler’s paradise. Flowering of Rhododendrons and Magnolia turn the timber with red, pink and white tones during spring and leafage tinge during fall.

lodgment during Sandakphu Phalut journey 

This is a “ Tea House ” journey,i.e we do n’t camp inside Singalila National Park but stay in Homestay/ Lodge available on the trail. As you should anticipate on a mountain trail, these are introductory accommodation run by the original Nepali/ Tibetan families. Apartments are dormitory bed type with triadic/ quadrangle sharing or further. Beds and robes are neat and clean. Do n’t anticipate an attached restroom or running hot water anywhere. 


Do we roof/ camp during Sandakphu Phalut journey? 

 No we do n’t. As a matter of fact, none is these are chamber within the boundary of Singalila National demesne. This trail inside public demesne is popular for times to run a Tea House mode journey, same as its neighboring Nepal treks. However, we do have further licit options for you, If you prefer a pristine full camping journey. These journeys lie further north to Phalut on the Singalila crest inside Sikkim and offer near views of Sleeping Buddha and high mountains of Nepal and Sikkim. Our lower crowded Phoktey Dara or Singalila Pass Phalut journey will surely allure you for great camping gests . 


Regarding Phalut accommodation 

Phalut has only one accommodation option. The Pedestrians Hut is along the way by GTA( quondam DGHC), an executive body in Darjeeling Hills. we can’t see online neither you can check vacuity unless you drop in to their office, either at Gorkha Bhavan, Salt lake Kolkata ( near City Centre, Salt Lake) or Darjeeling, Silver Fir erecting office. further over it has a maximum capacity of 20 beds, and they keep many on hold for attendants janitors staff accompanying pedestrians. There’s NO private accommodation/ lodge at Phalut or vicinity. Due to heavy demand substantially this is full in the season. 

 Also we’ve noticed that newcomers first time pedestrians are frequently chancing it enough delicate to cover the 21 Km trail from Sandakphu to Phalut. So considering both we moreover keep you at Phalut Pedestrians Hut or at Sabarkum/ Molley, a place 14 Km from Sandakphu on the way to Phalut.  still the diary remains same and you reach Gorkhey via Phalut in case the accommodation is at Sabarkum/ Molley. 


Alternate shorter and easy Tour – Sandakphu journey 

Though the trail ahead of Sandakphu is Easy considering the terrain, but adding Phalut involves total 6 days of journey covering around 80 Km. it can be emphatic if not prepared well. people can find it exhausting to reach Phalut, 21 Km from Sandakphu in a day.

Still we’ve started arranging a lower interpretation of this trail forgetting Phalut from the diary. This is the docked interpretation of Singalila crest journey and called “ Sandakphu Trek ”. The awful walk along the crest is ideal for the newcomers first timekeepers, who want to explore Darjeeling/ Sikkim Himalayas.

This basically retains nearly all the flavour that the Sandakphu and Phalut produces, clearly the not scenic walk to Phalut! still this isn’t a looker considering the trail is same( original 3 days of journey) till Sandakphu. Sleeping Buddha, Famous triad ( Everest Lhotse, Makalu), and multitudinous Sikkim and Nepal high Himalayan ranges are visible from there.


The descent from Sandakphu to the beautiful vill of Gurdum is analogous in beauty that of Phalut to Gorkhey trail. Eventually the Sandakphu journey also ends at Srikhola same as the longer duration Phalut trail. 

Sandakphu trek is worth visiting trek in Sikkim for its naturally beautiful sceneries. it has easy to moderate difficulity level. Go with friends, go with family or go with and friends and family together you will have fun in the way. enjoy the gem in sikkim.

I hope you liked the short review on Sandakphu trek, please let me know in the comments.

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