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Sisal carpet is a product that can often be seen on the pages of fashion magazines lately. They look extremely stylish and impressive, while not discounting their practicality. Such a carpet would be appropriate in the living room, and in the bedroom, and in the nursery; He has proven himself well in rooms where there are pets.

In the manufacture of carpets, natural material is used, and therefore it is completely safe for the health of children and adults. With such a carpet, it is easy to breathe in the room, there are no harmful fumes, and even long-term operation does not affect its external aesthetics in any way.

As the main raw material, carpet manufacturers usually use fibers extracted from the agave plant. They are rough and rough in appearance and are woven into threads to create carpets. The natural color of sisal is creamy white. However, it lends itself well to coloring, and therefore can take on different shades. However, the trends of recent years show that users give priority to gray, beige, white sisal carpets.

What are the advantages of such carpets?

Which carpet should be preferred – woolen, synthetic, jute or sisal? The main features and advantages of the latest version of carpets are evidenced by the following factors:

Increased durability – carpets are coarse textured with a dense weave so that they can easily withstand the impact of sharp claws of animals;

There is no need for specialized care – to maintain cleanliness, it will be enough for the owner to walk the vacuum cleaner over the surface of the carpet once a week;

Excellent heat and noise insulation – sisal carpets are simply indispensable for rooms on the ground floor, where there are drafts and it is quite cold;

the complete absence of allergies in people who are in the room with the carpet, and a negative Indicator of API – due to the use of exclusively natural components in the production of carpets;

Versatility – as mentioned above, such a carpet can be used in almost any room;

Anti-slip properties – sisal carpets are recommended to be laid on the steps of stairs;

Increased degree of wear resistance – Therefore, carpets can be used in places with intensive traffic;

Originality of appearance – Often, natural sisal carpets are used by designers when creating individual solutions for interior projects;

Anti-static characteristics – these carpets do not accumulate electricity, and therefore do not attract dust.

Relative contraindications to the use of such a carpet are the inadmissibility of a humid environment. Otherwise, the fibers may absorb water, which will lead to deformation processes and loss of aesthetic appearance.

The main types of Floorspace sisal carpets

Initially, such carpets were made by hand, now this process is completely mechanized. On sale, there are both ready-made versions of carpets, and cut into running meters. The classification of such products implies the method of manufacture, and some other factors:

Shape – most often square or rectangular; round is very rare;

Texture – smooth or embossed;

Color – natural or dyed.

If talk about the service life of a sisal carpet, then most often it allows operation for at least 5 years. With a latex backing, they can last much longer.

Scope of use of sisal carpets

These rugs are the perfect style for environments where naturalness is needed. Therefore, they are often laid on the floors when creating an interior in the loft, scandi, country and other formats. By and large, due to their versatility, sisal carpets are almost always a win-win, as they allow you to create an accent of comfort, coziness and ease. The unique natural texture of the carpets also allows you to fit perfectly into the ethnic direction.

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