Prashar Lake Trek

Prashar Lake Trek : Best Option for Camping


The mysterious Prashar Lake is located in one of Himachal Pradesh’s beautiful and spiritual landscapes. The lake, which lies close to Mandi, is a holy site tucked away between towering, snow-capped mountains in Kullu’s Dhauladhar Ranges. On the banks, the three-story temple dominates. The Rishi, Prashar, is honored by an ancient pagoda from the thirteenth century. The lake has historical significance that dates to the time of the Pandavas. The surrounding area of the lake vibrates with the mystique of a floating island on it, the captivating vistas, and the quiet tranquility. Lake Beas is visible above its jade-blue water. Prashar lake trek is a well-liked vacation spot and a must-visit venue for tourists seeking the serenity of being surrounded by nature. 

Camping and trekking are options for those seeking adventure in the area. The location is a wonderful natural phenomenon that will astound and confound you. Both tourists and residents enjoy the expansive views of the valley and the area surrounding Lake Prashar. The lake is accessible throughout the year. The lake is frequently frequented in the summer, but visiting it in the winter is an amazing experience. The lake freezes over in the winter, and the entire valley is completely covered in snow.

About the Historical Importance of Prashar lake trek region

Indian mythology has a brief reference to Prashar Lake, also known as Prashar Lake. After the Pandavas’ victory in the Mahabharat fight for Kamrunag, the lake was created in the Mahabharata. He was both a god and a scholar. It was established in order to construct a residence for Dev Kamrunag, who had become enamored with the peace the valley offered. People think that Bheem, the strongest Pandav, pushed the mountain peak and dented an oval lake at the deity’s desire.

About the mystery behind the Prashar lake trek region.

The picture-perfect The reason Prashar Lake exists is shrouded in obscurity. The lake is made up of 20% dry ground and 80% water. According to the calculation, the world is anatomically represented. The dry floating island in the lake is said to be connected to the planet’s rotation. Many people have developed a fascination for the island, and it has become a topic of research and study. Locals think that the earth and all life on it will cease when the dry ground sinks into the lake. The depth of the oval-shaped body of water is another aspect that is still unknown.

About things to do at the Prashar Lake trek.

There is nothing to do at the lake, not even a thing! You may savor the tranquility, peace, and magnificence of the lakeside valley. Take solace in the gentle breeze and the silent cries of the frigid mountains. Observe the local wildlife and plants. Relax and internally regenerate yourself. When you visit Prashar, there are a few additional things you may do and see.

For the spiritual experience at Prashar lake trek,

  • Prashar Temple

The ancient temple was constructed in the 13th century, during the reign of King Bansen of Mandi. In adoration of Prashar Rishi, who is supposed to have pondered in the valley next to the lake, the temple was constructed. It is a representation of Himachali-style architecture made from Deodar trees. Hindu and Buddhist temples frequently have tier-like structures, such as the pagoda temple. The old temple is set against the magnificent background of Prashar Lake.

  • Bhimakali Temple

The goddess Bhimakali is honored at the Bhimakali Temple, which is around 60 kilometers from the lake. The pagoda was built by the Yadava Clan. It has a view of the quiet valley, snow-capped mountains, and the raging Beas River from its location on its banks. The temple showcases the Yadava dynasty-specific Kath-Kuni architectural style. Folklore holds that the estate was the scene of the fabled conflict between Lord Krishna and Banasura, the ruler of demons. Inside the pagoda is a museum that you can see.

For experiencing adventure at Prashar Lake trek.

There are pathways for camping, hiking, and trekking around Prashar Lake. If you’re looking for adventure mixed with the goodness of nature, this is the place to go. All year long, there are numerous adventurous hikes near the lake.

  • Trek to the Lake

Beautiful mountains and lush fields encircle the lake. Numerous pathways will take you to Prashar and beyond. The experience of hiking through forests and valleys filled with numerous waterways is one you won’t want to pass up. Mandi village is typically the starting point of a hike to the lake. Depending on which route you pick, it would take you 3 to 5 hours to get to Prashar. Since getting to the lake requires direction due to its difficult terrain and high-altitude weather, it is advised that you speak with professionals or local travel agencies. The Kullu valley and the Himalayan ranges are visible from every angle during the hike to the lake.

  • Hampta Pass

About 30 miles separate Hampta Pass from the lake. The trip is suggested for beginners because it is easier to follow and less strenuous than the other trekking trails that lead to Prashar in the Kullu valley. With vast land extending far and wide, the pass is breathtakingly beautiful. As far as the eye can see, the Hampta Pass offers breathtaking vistas of lakes, forests, mountains, and a brilliant blue sky. This excursion will be perfect for you if you love taking pictures. You’ll be able to capture the valley’s entire character, a scene that appears to have been painted.

  • Camping Trails

Camping by the lake is very popular. Spending a night at the lake’s edge under a sparkling sky full of stars is an experience unlike any other. You may camp beside the lake and in the valley on your own or with guides. At Prashar and in the area around it, there is a lot of open space.

For the Shopaholic experience.

The small town of Mandi, which is close to Prashar, features a variety of stores and street vendors selling anything from food to clothing and accessories. There are numerous stores selling handicrafts that are exclusive to Kullu and the larger Himachal. In the markets, you may buy trinkets and jewelry made of indigenous silver. The traditional clothing worn in the state is made of woven and embroidered materials. Markets and businesses may be found all across Mandi.

You can purchase high-quality dry fruits, spices, and other goods in the marketplaces to bring back a taste of Himachal.

For enjoying the delicious food at Prashar Lake trek region.

Authentic Pahari food can be found in the area surrounding Prashar. The menus of restaurants and street vendors both feature mouthwatering food. Pahari food is renowned for being filling, flavorful, and nutritious. Local ingredients are used in the cuisine, along with certain seasonal specialties. Exotic spices like cardamom and saffron, to name a couple, are used to flavor and season the Himachali cuisine. You can gorge on some aromatic curries, flavorful meat gravies, and slow-cooked spiced lentils. Steamed rice or roti is offered with each of them. You can drink native rice beer in the winter to stay warm.

About reaching Prashar Lake, Mandi

By Air: The closest airport to Mandi is Bhuntar Airport. It is around 60 kilometers distant from Kullu. Delhi and Chandigarh may be reached from the airport. At the airport, there are taxis and buses that will take you to Mandi.

By Road: Mandi has bus service to significant cities like Chandigarh, Delhi, and Shimla. You can catch a bus from Bagi, the neighborhood stop next to the lake, to get to Mandi. To travel down to the lake, you can take cabs or rent a car from surrounding cities like Manali. The road is largely in good shape and offers spectacular views.

By Rail: Joginder Nagar Railway Station, 55 kilometers from Mandi, is the closest rail hub. Two passenger trains traveling to Pathankot stop at the station.

About the best time to plan the Prashar Lake trek.

The lake is situated in an area with a lot of elevation. All year long, it’s probably going to be cooler there. However, from season to season, the severity of the cold varies. The summers are enjoyable, and the brisk air is cozy. Moderate to heavy rainfall is brought to the area during monsoons. When the temperature falls below zero in the winter, the lake either completely or partially freezes.

Prashar Lake is appealing year-round since each season offers a different experience. You can organize your trip to the lake based on the type of experience you wish to enjoy while you are there. You should visit Prashar in April, May, or September if you want to see the valley’s luxuriant greenery. Based on the weather forecast, you can plan a trip anytime between November and February if you want to experience the icy splendor of the snow-covered lake. Both ways are enjoyable when visiting the lake.


The Kullu Valley and Prashar Lake are the ideal locations for enthusiasts and photographers alike. The lake is enveloped by a blanket of vegetation in the summer and features pure, cerulean water. The lake and the snowfield surrounding it are a heavenly sight when the temperature drops below zero degrees. Therefore, there are no limitations on taking pictures.

The tranquility and natural beauty of Prashar Lake perfectly complement its spiritual aura. The lake is frequently crowded with campers, visitors, and adventurers. Even though the number of visitors increases every season, you’ll discover that the place’s innocence and tranquility remain.

The mesmerizing scenery and amazing trail along with the surrounding interesting sites to visit will make your Prashar Lake trek a memorable one.

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