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Master in Management Salary: Best Jobs after MIM

Master in Management

A MiM degree continues to have a high level of respect among prospective employers, even in the highly competitive and demanding global job market. You can anticipate a competitive package in masters in management salaries as a MiM graduate.

Understanding the salary ranges of potential graduate MiM employees is important as a guide through this lucrative career option given the growing global demand for MiM graduates.

This programme will provide a foundation in the fundamentals of managing people and organizations within the contemporary business environment for students looking to start their careers in management.

Your practical management abilities will be enhanced by a business project and an international field trip, which will allow you to apply the program’s insights to develop workable managerial solutions.

You will emerge from the programme as an insightful, analytical, and strategic manager who can take on new and unanticipated challenges throughout your lifetime career in the rapidly changing global business environment, making you stand out from other business school graduates.

The salaries for top universities, MIM salaries, and jobs after graduation are all covered in this article.

What are the Most Popular Job Positions After MIM?

Graduates of MIM programmes can find employment in consulting, finance, technology, government & non-profits, retail & luxury, etc. Additionally, MIM graduates have been preferred by recruiters in recent years because they are younger, more malleable, and quicker to adopt corporate values. In actuality, they are internationally mobile, quick learners, and risk takers. Let’s take a look at some of the well-known MIM job openings for recent graduates.

Business Development Manager: You can work as a business manager using the knowledge you gain from the MIM programme in business handling, finance, marketing, and management. You will be in charge of attracting new customers to the business and preserving goodwill with the current clientele. According to the emolument, a Business Development Manager makes an average salary of $62,000.

Project Director: You can work as a project manager in a variety of industries, such as IT, infrastructure, and healthcare, with a MIM degree to manage demanding project schedules, meet deadlines, and keep team communication open. The highest product manager’s average salary after MIM , according to the emolument, is $107,000.

Social Media/Digital Manager: With a master’s degree in management, students can advance their careers by working in marketing and communication. Since you will represent your organization, this profile calls for a high level of accountability. You must be creative and knowledgeable of social media platforms and digital marketing to succeed in this position after MIM degree. The average pay for a social media/digital manager is $54,000, according to the emolument.

Director of Marketing: Promoting a company’s goods and services to the target market and increasing brand awareness are all crucial tasks for marketing managers. They have a significant impact on the way a brand appears, feels, and interacts with its target market.

It is thought to be among the highest-paying professions. $175,211 is the average annual salary. Higher skill levels, experience, and more upskilling could lead to higher pay.

The responsibilities of the marketing manager include spreading product awareness and telling the brand’s story. The main objective is still to attract new clients and hold on to current ones.

Public Relations Specialist: Managers of public relations work to develop and uphold a favorable public perception of their client or organization. They plan, design, and oversee content and campaigns aimed at enhancing a company’s reputation.

Among the various options and styles of career management, PR management has a reputation for being a highly-paying industry. The typical salary for a PR manager is between $51,832 and $67,957. A number of factors, such as experience, skill sets, projects, and other factors, could increase the income.

Manager of Information and Computer Systems:

The technological needs and operations of a company are under the control of managers of computer and information systems.They are also known as IT Managers because they work closely with top executives to determine their computer and IT needs. Following the creation of the provisions, the computer and information systems managers address the company’s technological (including software and hardware) needs through the development of specific goals and strategies.

The typical salary for a systems manager is $79391. One of the highest-paying management positions, the salary may vary depending on a number of factors. There will be plenty of opportunities in this industry for those with the necessary skill sets.

Sales Manager: A sales manager is primarily in charge of leading and managing the sales team at a company, setting and hitting revenue goals, and increasing sales by extending brand awareness. Along with developing sales strategy and campaigns, sales managers also invest a significant amount of time in building relationships with customers and business partners.

There are many different kinds of management jobs out there. Sales management is among the professions that pay the most. $188,367 is the average yearly salary. Higher pay may be the result of higher skill levels, experience, and other factors.

Best International Recruiters for MIM Jobs

In order to succeed in your MIM career, let us now assist you with some of the top recruiters worldwide.

Most MIM graduates find work in industries like consulting and finance. Other well-liked industries include those in technology, retail, luxury goods, etc. Among the top employers for those with a master’s in management are:

  • Mckinsey 
  • Loreal
  • BCG
  • KPMG 
  • BNP Paribas

Barclays Bank, Citi, Bank of China, Moody’s Corporation, Flint Capital, and Landmark Partners are a few of the other top companies that hire graduates of master’s programmes in management.

Following are the job functions: 40% consulting, 24% financial services, 8% technology, 7% consumer goods and food, and 5% other.

BNP Paribas, Citi, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, and State Street Corporation are all in the financial services sector.

PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young, Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler, and Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited are all in the audit sector.

Banking Sector: Barclays, Citibank, Chase, Bank of America, HSBC, and Deutsche Bank.

Best MIM Universities and Their MIM Salaries on Average

With a Master in Management, anyone can find success because the top employers in the world, including Google, McKinsey, Unilever, and KPMG, offer a variety of MIM career opportunities. But in order to build a career with a highly paid average salary, one must choose the right MIM university before landing a promising job.

Let’s look at this table to learn the typical salary that these top 10 MIM universities offer:

UniversityAverage Salary (in USD)Average Salary (in INR)
HEC Paris, France136,0001,08,00,691
London Business School, UK46,000 – 113, 00036,50,000-90,00,000
ESSEC Business School, France136,0001,08,00,691
INSEAD, France152,000 – 221,0001,20,70,000
IE Business School, Spain60,000 – 68,00050,00,000
Esade Business School, Spain79,00065,00,000
Copenhagen Business School, London89,00070,00,000
ESCP, Europe93,00073,00,000
ESADE/UVA McIntire/Lignan, US117,000 – 133,00092,91,000
Imperial College Business School, UK81,000 – 126,0001,00,00,000


A top B-School MSc in Management graduate’s starting average salary in 2023 was 68,000 euros, and graduates were able to find employment all over the world.

After three years of graduation, the average masters and management salary exceeds $145,000.

Within four months of graduation, 97% of graduates are employed, and 65% have more than two job offers to choose from.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in engineering or a physical science, MiM degrees are particularly valuable. Top businesses give students internship opportunities. Due to the six-figure salaries and the exciting nature of the career, a MiM degree is rewarding.

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