Sometimes I find to Style of Straight leg jeans in an all-black outfit can be a bit draining in the autumn-winter whereas breaking it up with some gold necklaces and earrings can just brighten the look up a little bit okay for this next outfit.

I’ve kept on the same jeans belt loafers and bag as before. But I’ve just changed up the top half. so I’ve got on my classic drape trench coat from everyone and this little silk black cami top for this trench coat. I have had it for over a year it’s one of my first pieces.

I got it from everyone and I just absolutely adore it now it currently isn’t in stock at the moment in this color it comes in three other colors as well which I will link it’s not currently available in this color. You may also read: Law Dissertation Writing Service

but I believe they may be restocking for autumn so keep an eye out if it’s as soon as it’s available. I will leave it linked but yeah just a really beautiful drapey comfortable trench coat. that I’ve spoken about loads over here on my blog and this is a new style of tank top for everyone it is 100 silk.

and it’s just a beautiful lovely comfortable lightweight tank top love the style of the buttons running up it does come in a few different color options as well. Checkout: What Are the Health Benefits of Blackberries for Men?

Style with a Crop top:

And if I just untuck it you can see it’s slightly crop length but it looks really cute tucked into these straight-leg jeans nice and floaty and lightweight for a while.

it’s still quite warm in the autumn um but obviously you could add another layer between the vest top and the trench you could put like a jumper underneath for a little bit more warmth.

But yeah really really classic look this is the type of outfit I wear a lot in the autumn. And it works really well with these straight-leg jeans okay .

so this is the next outfit and for this look I’ve just got on a simple white cotton shirt from everlane this is just a classic 100 cotton long-sleeve shirt and over the top.

I put on these alpaca blend jumper which is also from everlane I’m wearing this in a medium because i wanted it to be a little bit oversized.and slouchy and it feels really cozy like this but obviously, you can see it is quite a boxy fit so maybe don’t

if you want if you don’t want it to be too loose then obviously. don’t size up as i have um but yeah like i said it’s an alpaca blend it’s super soft. but it’s also quite lightweight at the same time.

But again like a lot of everyone’s does come in a lot of different color options and obviously, I have got on the same everyone straight-leg cheeky jeans again.

Casual Wear:

And this time I popped on some trainers just to keep it quite casual .because i’ve got the smartness of the collar i wanted a kind of contrast with a casual trainer.just to make the outfit a bit more chilled um but this look would also work really well with ankle boots as well or loafers or pretty much any footwear.

Then my bag is the same as the black one i had before but in this gorgeous kind of off-white i think it’s i think it may be called bone.

but a really lovely pale beige works perfectly with the tone of the sweatshirt and just a really easy casual autumn outfit.

okay for this next outfit, I’m wearing this utility-style jacket and this is 100 cotton it is quite lightweight but you could definitely layer underneath it as it gets cooler.

I’m wearing it in a size small and there’s plenty of room underneath it for knitwear even for chunky knitwear as well and it comes in three different color options.

 you’ve got the cream you’ve also got like a yellowy beigey tone and kind of like a brownie car key as well and it is um you can cinch it in at the weight as well .

so it’s got this little waist tie where you can pull it in and cinch it in to give a little bit more shape but yeah really lovely simple kind of basic jacket underneath and always i’m wearing a lightweight t-shirt.

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