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How To Make A Play Igloo Tent For The Family Fun Night

It’s that time of year again – the family fun night is coming up! But, where to put all of the kids while they have their fun? That’s where a play igloo tent comes in! Here’s how to make one for your next family fun night – and you can even use it for other events too!

What is a play igloo tent?

A play igloo tent is an easy and fun way to create a safe and fun backyard oasis for your family. Simply assemble the tent using simple supplies found at any home improvement store, and you and your children can enjoy hours of outdoor fun in the cool outdoors.

To create the perfect play igloo tent, follow these simple steps:

1) Assemble the frame of the play igloo using four sturdy poles erected in a square formation. Make sure each pole is at least 18 inches tall. Attach the poles together using metal zip ties or strong rope, making sure the tips of each pole are well aligned. The finished frame should be about 54 inches wide by 84 inches long.

2) Next, place two overlapping squares of heavy-duty plastic sheeting on top of the frame. Use wood screws or nails to attach the plastic squares to the poles along all four edges. Be sure to use enough screws or nails so that the plastic sheets are securely attached but not too tight that they impede airflow through the tent.

3) Finally, add a final layer of plastic sheeting on top of everything, creating a roof over your play igloo. You can now invite your family inside for some fun!

How to make a play igloo tent

For the family fun night, create an igloo tent out of some sheets and some sturdy poles. Start by laying out the sheets on the ground, then place the poles in the middle of them and tie them together at both ends. Next, put a layer of heavy blankets over the top and sides of the igloo. Finally, add a final layer of blankets to make sure everything is snugly in place. Now all you have to do is set up your little igloo tent and enjoy some snowy fun!

Materials needed:

-2 sheets of plywood measuring 36″ x 96″
-1 inch thick dowel rod or 1 inch diameter PVC pipe
-Ruler or a straight edge
-Circular saw with a 20 tooth blade
-Stiles, at least 16″ tall and 24″ wide (or 2 pieces of 2×4)
-Wood screws, at least #8 (.125″) long
-Tape measure
-Plywood sealer or wood glue and wood screws


  1. Cut the plywood into two 36” x 96” panels. This will give you two igloo tents. Make sure the panels are exactly the same size so they can be attached together with the stiles.
  2. Assemble the stiles by screwing them to each end of one panel and then fastening them to each end of the second panel.
  3. Double check that the panels are attached correctly before continuing. If they are not, you can use wood glue and wood screws to fix them together. Allow time for the adhesive to dry before proceeding.
  4. Mark a circle on one of the panels using a ruler or a straight edge. This will be your doorway entrance.
  5. Use your circular saw to cut out this circle. Be very careful not to cut through any of the stiles! Once you have cut out the circle, use your stiles to

Tips for making a Play Igloo Tent

If you’re looking for a fun and interactive way to keep the kids entertained on family fun night, consider making a play igloo tent. This simple project is easy to set up and can accommodate a large group of people. All you need are some supplies from your local hardware store and some patience.

  1. Start by marking out the size of your igloo tent on some yard or garden hose. You’ll want it to be big enough to fit at least six people inside, but not so big that it becomes difficult to move around in.
  2. Next, gather all the supplies you’ll need for the project: a few rolls of duct tape, large sheets of plastic sheeting, stakes, rope, and a drill.
  3. Start by taping off one end of the plastic sheeting so that it’s about twice as long as the igloo tent opening. Cut the excess off at this point so that the plastic is just long enough to cover half of the opening of the igloo tent.
  4. Next, fold over one edge of the plastic sheeting so that it overlaps the taped edge of the igloo tent opening by about two inches. Then use duct tape to secure this folded edge in place. Repeat these steps with another piece of plastic sheeting until you’ve covered both sides of the igloo tent opening.
  5. Now it’s time to stake down your plastic sheeting enclosure against any nearby trees or other


A family fun night is a night that everyone looks forward to. Whether it’s a weekend away with the kids, or just an evening all to yourselves, there’s always something to do. If you are looking for play pods tent for your children. Look no further then, PODS Play is the best choice for your children.

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