Abraham Lincoln Drawing

How to Draw Abraham Lincoln Easily

How to Draw Abraham Lincoln. The history of the US presidency is long and full of stories. Many presidents have gone down in history for good and bad reasons.

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Abraham Lincoln is one of the most famous and revered Presidents in the country’s history and the 16th President of the United States.

Known for his eloquence and many accomplishments, he is fondly remembered, and drawing Abraham Lincoln is the perfect way to honor this great man. Drawing real people can be challenging, but that’s what this tutorial is all about!

How to Draw Abraham Lincoln

Step 1

If you’re drawing a picture of a real person, it’s often much easier to create it if you start outlining the face and head.

This is exactly what we will do in this first phase of our guide on drawing Abraham Lincoln. To do this, do your best to replicate the outline we’ve shown in our reference image.

This includes jagged lines for the base of his beard and the hair on his head. You can also add his ear on the right side.

Finally, before proceeding to the second step, you can also start drawing his shirt and jacket.

First, let’s start with the outlines for the jacket’s collar and lapels. Once you’ve extracted them, you’re ready for step 2 to Draw Abraham Lincoln!

Step 2

In this second phase of your Abraham Lincoln drawing, we’ll add more elements and details to his clothing before drawing more of his face.

First, let’s draw the tie he’s wearing. This one sits at a slightly oblique angle and comprises several small square shapes.

Finally, you can add more lines on the collar and lapels for this step before continuing with step 3 of the pattern to Draw Abraham Lincoln.

Step 3

We will go through the most complicated part of this guide on how to draw Abraham Lincoln. This part focuses on the eyes and the areas around them.

This might be challenging because the eyes are one of the biggest factors in making a face recognizable, so getting them right is important.

To make it easier for you, start with a light-colored pencil and do your best to replicate the eyes exactly as they look in our example.

So you don’t have to stress about causing mistakes! Then you can drag the pen across the pencil lines before continuing to Draw Abraham Lincoln.

Step 4

As you continue your drawing of Abraham Lincoln, we’ll add more detail to his face and hair.

First, you can draw lines for the nose, mouth, and cheekbones. Again, you can pencil in these parts and then move on when you’re happy with how they look.

To finish off this step, we’re going to add some thick, wavy lines to his hairstyle to give it a fuller, more textured look.

Once all those details have been settled, you can move on to the final details in the next step of the guide to Draw Abraham Lincoln!

Step 5

You can now add the final details in this step of our guide on how to draw Abraham Lincoln!

Draw Abraham Lincoln

The main aspect we will focus on in this step is trimming his beard. You can do this by drawing many curved lines with sharp points connecting at the base of his face.

This will once again help bring a more textured look to this beard. Then you can finish by drawing some minor details all over her outfit to Draw Abraham Lincoln.

Here you can also complete it with your details and elements. Will you draw a background or change some details? Please make sure you enjoy it and see what happens.

Step 6

To complete your drawing of Abraham Lincoln, you can now add some color to him. In our reference image, we used some fairly realistic colors.

Abraham Lincoln Drawing

We used dark shades of brown for the hair and dress, and you could use similar ones for a similar look.

If you’re feeling creative, there are other ways to color it! An example would be using watercolors and lighter shades of brown and beige.

This would help create the look of an old photograph to complement the image to Draw Abraham Lincoln.

Your Abraham Lincoln Drawing is Finished!

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