Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

How to Design Functional Cosmetic Packaging Boxes?

A cosmetic business is a profitable business if you use the correct strategies to promote it. Every cosmetic brand tries its best to sell products to target customers. They use different techniques to improve their business. However, functional cosmetic packaging is the most effective technique. Functional packaging is one that can protect, promote, and sell products.

You can make your cosmetic packaging functional by making it protective enough to keep your product safe against damage. Furthermore, it should be attractive and contain business info if you want to promote your cosmetic business. When your cosmetic boxes are protective and attractive, they will sell your products in the market. Following are some of the points that will help you to make functional cosmetic boxes:

Choose Quality Materials

To make protective Cosmetic Packaging Boxes, make sure that packaging materials are of good quality. Cheap quality and delicate packaging materials cannot make high-quality boxes. That’s why your first priority should be getting high-quality packaging materials to make reliable boxes. You can choose materials that are not only durable but safe for our environment as well, for example:

  • Cardboard
  • Kraft
  • Bux board
  • Cardstock
  • E-flute corrugated materials

The strong nature of these materials will make reliable packaging boxes for your cosmetic products. You already know that cosmetic products are highly sensitive to contamination. Therefore, you should get strong boxes that will prevent the penetration of contamination-causing factors. Furthermore, the quality of cosmetic products is determined by the quality of the boxes. Thus, get durable boxes to ensure the safety of products.

Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

Make Unique Boxes

Using flexible packaging materials, you can make unique cosmetic boxes. The custom-designed shapes and sizes of these boxes are the major perk for your cosmetic business. You can select custom cosmetic packaging boxes of your choice. You can design these boxes with custom inserts, partitions, window cuts, and handles. Brands unique cosmetic boxes for unique brand identity.

  • Packaging boxes that look different have more chances of getting the attention of target customers. You can make different packaging boxes using the latest customization techniques.
  • Many cosmetic brands get display boxes for cosmetic products. They put many cosmetic items like lipsticks, lip balms, creams, moisturizers, essential oils, mascaras, concealers, and many other such products in cosmetic display boxes.
  • You can get dispenser boxes for lipsticks, lip ointments, and many more. Other than that, foldable boxes, pillow boxes, cube boxes, rectangular boxes, and rigid flap boxes are also popular in the cosmetic industry.

Add A Wash of Colors

Plain and beige brown boxes are too boring for cosmetic products. People use cosmetic products to enhance beauty. You should design boxes that will make your cosmetics appear more adorable. For that purpose, you need to give a wash of colors to cosmetic packaging boxes. You can select any colors but they should be pleasing to the eyes. If you choose colors that reduce the appearance of inside products, customers will not purchase your cosmetics. Therefore, it is wise to select colors that are perfect for cosmetic product boxes.

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It is common to pick colors that are in the theme of your cosmetic brand. First, select an impressive color scheme for a cosmetic brand. Later customize the color of packaging boxes accordingly. You can change the color of packaging boxes for launching cosmetics for special occasions like valentine’s day, Halloween, or Christmas which many professional cosmetic brands do.

Print Reliable Typography

To make your cosmetic packaging boxes more functional, you can print essential typography. For example, you can tell customers the procedure to use foundation, hair removal cream, shampoo, or other products for better results. Plus, print ingredient details to prevent your customers from suffering any side effects if they are allergic to ingredients. Furthermore, other details include the expiry date of your cosmetic products.

If you want to sell your cosmetic products on an international level, you can print typography in multiple languages. Moreover, you can use different fonts to make typography adorable in appearance. However, the typography should be easy to read and understand otherwise customers will move to other brands. Printing these details will make your cosmetic packaging functional for customers. They will trust your brand if you communicate authentic details with them. Besides this information you can also print:

  • How to use your cosmetic products?
  • Where to store cosmetics?
  • The shade of your cosmetic beauty products like lipsticks, lip pencils, mascaras, or eyeliners.
  • Nature of your products i.e. Organic or chemical-based and other such info.
Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

Promote with an Awesome Logo

Every professional cosmetic packaging contains the name and logo of the brand. When it comes to cosmetic products, customers always want to know the name of the brand before making a purchase. You should also highlight the name and logo of the cosmetic brand on the custom cosmetic packaging boxes. But, use customization techniques to make it memorable.

For example, embossing and debossing techniques will enhance the appearance of the brand logo. Furthermore, gold and silver foiling technique is also available to give a metallic appearance to your business logo. When you apply professional techniques to packaging boxes, this will upgrade your boxes to the next level. Customers like to buy products from professional cosmetic brands. They form perceptions of whether a brand is professional or not via packaging boxes. That’s why you should design cosmetic boxes that are functional from all perspectives.

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