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How does the Genova IVF procedure work?

It is not uncommon for in vitro fertilization to become the only chance for a couple to become parents. In the process of its implementation, the egg is fertilized outside the body – in a laboratory, in a test tube. With a favorable outcome and the onset of pregnancy, not one embryo, but several often takes root, and multiple pregnancies develop. If the expectant mother cannot bear several children at once, then at a certain period of development, unwanted zygotes are removed. Deciding to eliminate unwanted embryos, the woman is informed that there is a high probability that all survivors may die, and subsequently, a miscarriage will occur.

According to statistics, IVF in Pakistan is successful on average in three cases out of ten. At the first visit to the infertility doctors in Lahore, IVF, most often, will be carried out using a technology that is as close as possible to natural fertilization.

IVF – how is the procedure?

The whole technique assumes compliance with a certain scheme. The main stages of IVF can be distinguished:

  • Preliminary – preparation, analysis, and control of egg maturation.
  • Puncture of the ovaries to obtain material.
  • Fertilization.
  • Embryo transfer.

On the need for stimulation

Before the IVF procedure, the female body is stimulated with means that ensure the maturation of several eggs at the same time. Stimulation before the procedure is necessary to be able to get as many of them as possible. For this, special injections are made for two weeks – daily.

IVF stimulation is not a cure. These actions aim to extract as many follicles as possible in order to provide a good field of action and get a positive result. At this stage, success is determined by the qualifications and experience of doctors.

The only thing that is required from the expectant mother is to follow all the doctor’s instructions when stimulation takes place during IVF.

Fully mature follicles are removed. Follicle puncture during IVF is not a painful, low-traumatic procedure, it provides for obtaining the maximum possible number of follicles.

Conducting IVF after puncture precedes the course of disheveling to prevent the development of hyperstimulation syndrome. Injections may cause a slight soreness in the lower abdomen, which is considered a normal reaction.

An obligatory drug for the successful engraftment of embryos is piroxicam. About an hour before the procedure, the patient takes a pill to maximize the possibility of successful insertion into the uterus. The drug stimulates active blood flow to the small pelvis, this is also a positive phenomenon for attaching the embryo to the uterus.

In vitro fertilization

Artificial insemination takes place in the laboratory of Genova in Lahore. The connection of the sperm with the egg is made using the latest equipment in a special solution. It will take only a few days, and the embryos will be completely ready for replanting.

The finished material is carefully studied before transfer. The latest medical techniques allow you to do this with the help of certain procedures. The embryo consists of four cells. At this stage, it is possible to identify developmental anomalies and diseases arising from changes in chromosomes and pathologies that will lead to the non-viability of the unborn child.

At the next stage, embryo transfer is performed – the selected embryos are placed in the uterus. The action is performed by a special catheter, it does not hurt. A woman does not need to comply with any special conditions after embryo transfer. She can lead a normal life.

The only exceptions are two factors that can affect the outcome of the procedure: psychological stress and physical work. After embryo transfer, hCG levels should be monitored for two weeks, and then a pregnancy test should be taken.

With multiple pregnancies, the reduction is resorted to in order to increase the chances of bearing a healthy child. Childbirth after fertilization by this method usually occurs. You can have a healthy child after the IVF treatment.

IVF Method Limitations

This technique has limitations. It should not be used frequently for the following reason:

In preparation for the procedure, the woman’s ovaries are hyperstimulated, which causes hormonal imbalance; the body will be ready to repeat the procedure only after full recovery.

The method is considered completely safe, but the success of its use is determined by several factors, including the characteristics of the organism. The number of possible attempts can only be determined by a doctor. If replanting is repeated, then previously obtained embryos are used. You can repeat the procedure six months after the previous unsuccessful replanting.

How to book an appointment?

You can book an appointment through our website “genovafertility.com”.
Feel free to call us at “0340-111-1022”.
You can visit Genova IVF & Fertility Centre at this address ” 27 Sir Syed Rd, Block K Gulberg 2, Lahore, Punjab 54660, Pakistan”.

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