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Glossier Finally Expanded Its Shade Range And Fans Are Excited

Glossier has always dominated our Instagram feeds. Millennials and Gen Z love its sleek packaging and #skin goals photographs of dewy faces. The industry calls it a “disruptor.” While its widely attractive skin and body products have garnered many dedicated admirers, its complexion range has been glaringly missing. For now.

They expanded the color ranges of Glossier Skin Tint, Stretch concealer, and Powder today. Foundation and concealer colors grew from five to 12 while finishing powder jumped from three to five. A Glossier Skin Tint spokeswoman informed Marie Claire that the majority of the colors are new, even from the current offers, to balance and complete the ranges.

Glossier’s New Shade Extensions

The Stretch Concealer and Perfecting Glossier Skin Tint have been bestsellers for years, and after more than a year and a half of study, consumer feedback, and testing with makeup artists, the popular US Company has expanded the color palette to 12. Use the glossier promo code and easily avail amazing discounts.

Though 12 items may not seem like much, they are made for a larger demographic by their sheer formulae and natural mineral pigments. Is it safe to say that the operation was a success?

Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint, $26.00

I’m a diehard fan of Into the Gloss and Glossier, so I got this stuff the second it went up last year. Glossier uses “makeup as skincare” successfully. Glossier’s packaging, Instagram, and ethos of female entrepreneurship are great, but its skin tint is just okay.

The Perfecting Glossier Skin Tint airy, face-forward application is unachievable with my fingertips. My grimy gnawed Beauty Blender has to mix the thin, sheer Perfecting Skin Tint onto my face. The tint looks nice when blended with the Priming Moisturizing, however, I wonder why these two products aren’t pre-mixed. This cream covered typical chin and cheek redness with 14 drops. Disillusioned. Customization—worth it? Can five colors cover all skin tones?

Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint G11

Glossier Skin Tint was one of the first I’d seen, yet for some reason, I was still intrigued enough to buy it. Not outrageously expensive at €26 for 30 ml, but with so little coverage, I can’t see many people finding it worthwhile.

How Does This Skin Tint Swatch

Skin tints appeal to me since I like a light foundation products. I just used concealer for years. I’ve never understood complete coverage. My makeup is lightweight, dewy, and long-lasting. My foundation should just reduce redness. Concealer covers much of that anyhow.

The swatch concerned me. The skin absorbs this. Your skin consumes it. This doesn’t build or accomplish much at the start. However, the base is sufficient for the remainder of your makeup.

What Is The Coverage Like

This foundation-like substance must be tested. This cream reduces my redness enough that I just need concealer. The result is soft and natural without the coverage of the foundation. If you merely want to level out your complexion, this product is wonderful.

It works despite its first appearance. Is this product sufficient? It’s personal taste. Yes for light makeup days. I want more every day.

Should You Buy The Glossier Skin Tint

I can make this thing function, but I see why not everyone will like it. Not for full-coverage fans. It’s infallible, which I enjoy. Despite my poor blending, this looks good. On days when I want to wear makeup but don’t have time, I could wear this. A flawless no-makeup appearance.

Is this pricey? Yes. This is the first Glossier Skin Tint with that name that I think lives up to it, however, it’s pricey. Is this skin-friendly? Yes, however, I need a thorough skincare regimen before using this product.

Fingers or brushes are excellent for application. That may also be unappealing. I’ll use this up, but it’s not worth repurchasing.

Glossier’s Shade Range Now Includes More Women of Color

The makeup company Glossier Skin Tint followed Beyoncé’s lead and announced a massive increase in the availability of its best-selling face products. The Perfecting Skin Tint (which provides coverage between a foundation and BB Cream) and the Stretch Concealer are both being doubled from six to twelve tones as part of the launch.

 As of recently, Powder, a loose blurring powder, is available in five different tones, up from the previous three (Light, Medium, and Rich). The company has also abandoned its previous name system, instead numbering its shades from G1 to G12 (with G1 being the lightest and G12 the darkest) to mimic the naming systems of black-owned cosmetics companies like Beauty Bakeries’.

Worth The Hype? Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint

Glossier Skin Tint is now popular. I tried practically all their items because of the hoopla. Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint is a favorite. This foundation is not for full coverage. It blurs, evens, and glows without much coverage. It leaves a dewy shine, thus oily skinned women may not like it.

Glossier is considered for females with beautiful skin. That’s not true—I have rosacea and a red birthmark! Glossier Skin Tint and Stretch Concealer make my skin seem great. It’s the best no-makeup makeup.

A Perfectly Natural Look

For the last four months, I’ve used Skin Tint every day, yet I still haven’t finished the bottle. Don’t let the $26 price tag put you off; a little goes a long way. It’s money well spent.

I love this so much that I put on a full face of it even on days when I don’t feel like it. My routine consists of squeezing a few drops into my fingertips, applying it evenly on my face, then add some blush and mascara before heading out the door. You’ve never seen more beautiful, all-natural cosmetics than this!

Glossier Does It Again. What’s New

Glossier is our go-to. Balm Dotcom, Boy Brow, Milky Jelly Cleanser, and Priming Moisturizer have all been CO-approved thus far! Besotted? Spoiler: Glossier Skin Tint & Stretch Concealer will.

Sam and I loathe thick, restricting makeup. Full-face makeup that looks like makeup is the worst! Makeup should appear like skin, not hyper-pigmented, blemished skin. Balancing them is hard!

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