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6 Different Ways To Use Folding Laundry Basket


Laundry day might seem like an interminable chore. There are breaks between loads of laundry, sheets, and towels, though. You may have perfected the art of hiding your laundry room behind a door or tucking it away in a closet to keep it out of sight and out of mind.

Fortunately, there are easy methods to hide your folding laundry basket so you can keep everything organized and reduce visual clutter. To stay organized between washing days, try these top storage suggestions for laundry baskets in your home.

Different ways to use Folding Laundry Baskets

Refer to the below tips to use your folding laundry basket effectively.

1. Disguise in a cabinet

One of the best ways to hide baskets in your laundry room is to use the cabinets. Ask your contractor whether they can integrate this if you’re creating a laundry room from scratch. When you open the cabinet, a concealed hamper rolls out or leans in your direction. This is an easy solution that takes up no floor space.

2. Stealth in Plain Sight

If you enjoy the notion of hiding your folding laundry basket but don’t currently have any remodeling projects planned, seek a piece of furniture to conceal your hamper. These standalone cabinets might be as large or tall as the available space would allow. 

When selecting a hamper in a style and size that complements your space, take into account how many you’ll need. Some small, thin units feature just one hidden basket, yet they can fit in a bathroom.

Others accommodate two hampers and can comfortably fit in a storage room, laundry area, or even a closet. Keep in mind that a larger cabinet that can hold more items might also be a better option for those who frequently run laundry during the week.

If you’d prefer to keep your laundry hampers visible but want to maintain an attractive interior design, consider dressing up a traditional laundry basket with a basket covering. 

Additionally, many removable clasps help prevent the cover from slipping or falling off. This stealthy strategy is a perfect way to hide your hampers while adding a little bit of texture and color to your space.

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3. Make use of a Central Cubby Hub

This technique of folding laundry basket storage corrals all hampers in the home to keep them organized, albeit it isn’t as discreet. Measure the height, breadth, and depth of any current open shelves, whether they are in your laundry room or a different storage unit like a bookshelf. Locate baskets that are the right size, then place them on the shelves.

As the baskets fill up, you can always transfer folded items to a closet or another storage unit. Creating a central cubby hub is also useful if you need to carry large/bulky items, like several pillowcases or blankets, from one room to another.

4. Choose a Pop-Up

Using a collapsible container to maximize space is the simplest and least expensive choice. The best use for this folding laundry basket storage solution is moving clothes or linens from the dryer or drying rack to your closets or drawers. Consider installing a hidden hamper system and needing a hassle-free way to return clean items to their owners.

Collapsible containers help to keep smaller items together, retain their shape, and remain sturdy during transport. Plus, they are lightweight which makes them easy to carry around your home or to the laundromat.

5. Move it aside

Laundry may be a little less of a chore with a rolling laundry basket. Find a couple of hampers on wheels and slide them into closets or beneath countertops. This would be the ideal location to line them up while leaving the floor area clean if your laundry room contains a folding table.

Wherever you have them, this cart will make it easier to move clothes from the washer to the dryer, or wherever they need to go.

6. Improve Your Equipment

Your washer and dryer will have more storage space beneath them if you place them on a pedestal and add pull-out drawers. Another brilliant idea to make the most of the space is to place a hamper or laundry basket beneath. Both storage options will help you get the most out of your washer and dryer.


The essential item that should be included in every home to maintain orderly organization is the folding laundry basket. To meet all of your demands, these baskets come in a variety of utilitarian styles and patterns. 

You may transport it anytime you need to travel by using the practical construction of laundry bags. When you are on a lengthy trip, you may even bring these lovely bags with you. Additionally, the advantages listed above make it quite evident how crucial and necessary washing baskets are.

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