Be Defensive while You Play Your Game of Chess! 

Whether a kid or an adult, if we are into playing games too much, then it is not an ideal thing to do per our parents. But like every other thing, there is an exception while playing games. If you see a kid or an adult being too much into playing chess, then they will be considered as the intelligent one who is trying to increase their brain power. Whether you play chess in the traditional way or via a chess APK, it doesn’t matter. So, enjoy playing free chess games online. 

How to Play the Game of Chess?

Whether you are playing chess online or offline doesn’t matter. You must understand the basic rules and regulations to play the game of chess better, and it should remain the same. You should already know that Chase is a well-known board game that is played all over the world. The board has 64 small squares and is placed in an 8×8 column x row formation. 

Generally, these small squares are of two different colors, mainly black and white. There will be a total of 32 pawns, 16 for each color. Two people can play this game, at the same time, against each other. The central purpose of the game is to defend your King, as once your opposite player gets rid of your King, you automatically lose the game. You can also play free chess games online with other players from around the world. There are many different websites that offer free chess games, so you can find one that suits your needs.

Eight Must-Know Defensive Ideas in Chess

Chess is like taking part in a small war. So, you need to master all your moves very thoroughly before you start playing the game to win. Excellent attacking skills won’t be enough to win this game. Remember some of the necessary defensive moves for the game. 

Eight Must-Know Defensive Ideas That You Will Need While Playing Chess Are as Follows:

  • As has already been mentioned, you can not only attack the other players, but you also need to have a solid defense system. When you see that the other player is trying to attack your king, you must use your pawns to defend your king because charging in such a situation won’t help.
  • To have a proper defensive system, the first thing that you must do is attack and eliminate some crucial attacking pawns of your opposition. If they don’t know how to attack, your defense system becomes stronger automatically.
  • We know that in chess, you need lots of patience. Still, it is possible to make your opponent lose their patience by placing an iron-clad defense system around some of your crucial pawns. It is a matter of time before they get frustrated and make a mistake when all their attacks fail.
  • In chess, one of the best advantages is that you know how to predict future moves of your opponents. You can strengthen your defense and defend your vulnerable pawns if you know how you will get attacked in the next few moves.
  • No matter what, your goal is to defend and protect your king. Sometimes when you see no hope left, the best move is to take your king to safety.
  • The king can go either vertically or horizontally. In the previous move, the king goes up the board vertically. But in this case, the king is supposed to move horizontally.
  • We can’t achieve anything without a few sacrifices. Similarly, sometimes sacrificing some of the pawns is the best move. It will help you to win your game.
  • Even though we have talked about defending our king so much, sometimes attacking the opponent’s king is the best way to protect your king.


Now will you face winning the next chess tournament? No, we guess. With these eight defensive ideas mentioned in this article, you should be able to defend your pawns against any enemy attacks in the future. Therefore, play lots of free chess games online and practice your moves with the help of any available chess apk. Play online and win exciting prizes and cash rewards by playing chess. Isn’t it fun? We bet it is. So, don’t stop playing, winning, and earning with online chess matches.

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