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 With the most stunning landscapes, sparkling streams, remarkable cliffs, serene lakes and deodar forest, the Indrahar Pass Trek in Himachal Pradesh is one of the most thrilling and exciting treks in the Indian Himalayas. some researchers from each age group. The trek is an optimal blend of the various natural and standard colors of Himachal and ranges from an altitude of 2875 meters to 25 meters. The Indrahar Pass forms the line between the Kangra and Chamba regions and reveals the Dhauladhar region with its enchanting mansions. It reveals the calm waters of Mankian and Karer in the same way. However, the faint stone traces of Dhauladhar and rhododendrons and various bird species of different levels essentially make the journey and strike the center of the pilgrims. 

About Trek:

 Indrahar Pass trek, one of the easy coordinated treks in Himachal Pradesh, starts from McLeodganj, the residence of the Dalai Lama, at an altitude of 2,875 meters in Triund. Trek Triundi through Dharamkot town and Galu Devi opens an extraordinary perspective of Kangra Valley and Dharamshala town. From Triund, the journey to Lahesh Cave begins via Laka, through a platform strewn with stones. From Lahesh Cave begins the day trip to the Indrahar Pass, which skirts the cliffs just to the northeast of the rim, leaving the unstable mass of Mon aside. The path goes over the top and goes through more than a few climbs. The view from the pass is absolutely stunning. Near the south, the Kangra Valley and distant Punjab fields are shaded in blue, while in the north, such burdens as Manimahesh in the upper east, Pir Panjal in the north, Kishtwar in the west, Bara Bangahal in the eastern rise. . The journey continues down to Chhata, crossing an untamed stream over weak rock and falling into a glorious valley with some different wildflowers. From Chhata the trail runs to Kuars through the Kuarsi Nala and opens at Brehi on the road to Lamu followed by Donald. Brehi is the gateway to Lake Minikian and the trail passes through dense forest along the Drakund. After crossing the Minikian Lake, the trail goes to Karer Lake and then to Karer Camp, followed by a descent trip to McLeodganj. 

 Places not to be missed: 

 Triund Hill – 

 A lush green ridge that offers the best views of the surrounding peaks and valleys. Triund Trek is perhaps the most popular trek in the entire country and one of the easiest and best viewpoints. 

 Bhagsu Falls – Named after the town of Bhagsu falls on the way to the Indrahar Pass and nears the magnificent Shiva shrine. You have to make a detour to get a chance to visit this sublime fall. The unmistakable waters of autumn draw you to the bush. 

 Tibetan Museum – 

 One of the must-visit places in McLeod Ganj, it hits right at the start of your journey from Indrahar Pass. The museum offers a sense of tranquility nearby, leaving much to offer about Tibetan culture. 

 Jwala Devi Temple – 

 One of the 52 shrines of the Shakti Peeth, you may have to take a detour to visit this shrine nestled in the lap of immaculate normal glory. Even in this state of mind, you will not find colonies in this peaceful sanctuary. 


 Confessing that you too love to see the snow-covered nature in the breathtakingly beautiful mountains, you should immediately add Indrahar Pass to your to-do list! The Indrahar Pass is believed to pass through the border between the recognized Chamba and Kangra districts of Himachal Pradesh. It is also one of the most important adventure courses in the tourist places of Dharamshala. Indrahar Pass offers you truly perfect views of the Dhauladhar range among the small vernacular settlements of the region. 

 The undeniably rolling levels of the hiking trail leading to this fascinating area allow you to see the beautiful grandeur of the various forest forests. You’ll also want to distinguish the Pir Panjal range from several other more modest arrivals that make this hike worth the difficult effort.

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