6 Tips to keep your dog or cat calm when you are moving to a new home

As it is difficult for humans to move from one place to another at adjust there, it takes a lot of time and courage to leave a place and adjust to a new one. Same like that it is difficult for the pets to adjust into the new environment and place. It can be stressful for them to leave their place, meaning the place they living in your house.  Here is a list of tips when moving.

They may feel insecure about the new environment, that can affect their behavior and they will start acting up in a way that they were not used to .It is very obvious that your pet’s behavior changes with your own behavior, for example if you are stressed then that will make the pet feel anxious too and   it will start changing its behavior like for example the pet might start jumping or maybe start acting up like extra sensitive.  

It is known to the pet owners that the pets mark their territory in the place where they live, they live comfortably after marking their boundary it is one of the traits of their behaviors. When the owners decide to move to a new place it is stressful for the pets too because they are leaving their marked territory too which is difficult for them.

The new place might be strange for them and they decide to run away as well, you have to take care of such incidents. In order to make it less difficult for the pets you can take few precautions that they easily manage into the new place.   

The steps you have to take are as follows:

Preparation to move to another place:

First and the most important step is preparation, it is everything. While you have started cracking and organizing your boxes and you are ready to move to the other place you have to keep those boxes in one room that well keep the boxes away from the pet. It will save the boxes from scratching and chewing up by the pet.

Anything you have to make sure is that park all the things that belong to the pet in one separate box and mention it on the box. You have to take that box as soon as you move to that place or transfer your pet to that place and set up the same environment that was in the previous place with the same things.

The items that are necessary to take in the pet’s box are as follows:

  • your pets Poop bag
  • all the favorite toys of your pet
  • Anything that you’re pet used to chew on, for example in case of a dog rawhide bones, chew toys and sticks.
  • importantly the leash
  • In case of the cat you have to take the Kitty litter with you, all the box and the scooper.
  • You have to take a crate or a carrier along with you.
  • your pet’s blanket
  • their water bowls
  • Have to take their feed, in case you are travelling with the raw food you should keep a cooler that contains ice in order to keep the food fresh until you reach.

While settling in:

It is not easy to adjust to a new environment so first of all you have to be very patient with your pet and have to tolerate their behaviors for a few days. Let us have a look on the 6 tips to keep your dog or cat calm when you are moving to a new home:

  1. If your pet is a dog then it is considerably easy for a dog to adjust than a cat, they don’t give you a hard time while adjusting and get used to a new house in a few days.
  2. The only requirement of the dogs is that they demand their owners to be with them because of the unconditional love they have for their owners. If you are with them and giving them a proper time and attention they will get used to a new place. On the other hand cats give you a hard time while adjusting in a new environment.
  3. You have to take care of their meals and timings etc. to make them used to of the place.
  4. The designation of their litter box, water bowls and their cage etc. should be done before hand, do not let them adjust to the place that you won’t be keeping them in future.
  5. It is also suggested that you should give your pet a little tour of the house that they see the whole house and get used to it. You can potty train them in the new house so that they can easily manage this thing and will not get uncomfortable.
  6. You can play with them and give them extra attention that will help them in getting familiar with the environment easily. If there is a park near by then you can take them for a walk along with you that they know that you are here and only the environment is being changed.

End note

So, this was all about some helpful tips to keep your dog or cat calm when you are moving to a new home. You will have to lessen their anxiety while moving in a new home and settling them there. You can take them to walk in the park where there are lots of exercise opportunities.

You ought to keep this thing in mind that, moving in a new house will be a bit difficult for them, but with your love and concern you pet will get used to the new environment. All you have to do is to provide your pet with extra time and care, so that they will not feel alone in the new house.

Write up brought to you by The Pet Practice – http://www.thepetpractice.com.au . Keeping your pets calm when moving is really informative.

You surely can make them settle in your new house, as you are doing the same. You will be able to feel that what your pet is actually feeling.

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