6 Considerations to Attract Shoppers for Online Shopping

Customers have the option of doing their shopping either at home or physically. Online retailers are as successful as traditional ones, at least in some markets. However, a sizable number of customers still like shopping in actual stores. How, therefore, can one get these clients for online shopping in Dubai? Continue reading to see what internet shoppers view.

Various Payment Options

Ookaaz, one of the well-known brands in Dubai, offers the most popular payment options to your consumers. Paypal, debit cards, and ordinary credit cards are necessities. Adding more alternatives will help increase conversion rates. Further, “pay at doorstep” may be a practical choice if you own a small business because some customers still hesitate to provide their credit card information online.


The price of every online purchase is the third most crucial factor for online shopping in Dubai. Unless there is a significant difference between the products supplied by your rivals and you, customers will likely purchase from your competitors if you don’t give the right price for something. It’s crucial to provide your items at the most competitive pricing feasible.

Try to give a price that is at least a decent value if you cannot offer the best price for whatever reason.

Policies for Returns and Cancellations

The policies on returns and order cancellations influence the customer’s choice mostly when buying baby products online. Customers increasingly want retailers to be more flexible. Online purchasing is considered risky because the client cannot personally check the transaction. For the customer, the ability to return the item and receive a refund is an extra benefit. Businesses should be very clear about their policies and procedures for cancelled and reimbursed orders.

Online Testimonials for Your Company

Invite your consumers to post reviews and comments to establish a trustworthy internet reputation. The best online shop for electronics with favorable ratings will see an immediate increase in sales. People frequently seek unbiased third-party websites for reviews of the company and the Facebook page. Therefore, pay attention to reviews and concerns on popular websites for timely feedback. Customers report reading evaluations to ascertain the quality of goods and companies in about 88% of cases.

User Encounter

The user experience is among the first considerations that the best online shop for electronics offer to anyone visiting their stope. If a website’s preview is good, they only want to search for the thing they want to buy.

The user experience for online shopping from any website is significantly influenced by several key elements, including loading time, content presentation, ease of navigation, and pop-up positioning. If you can get them properly, you can provide the perfect groundwork for your e-commerce site’s user experience.


Additionally, internet buying has a cybersecurity component. People want to be confident that their financial information is secure before making an online purchase from a firm. They will only purchase from you if they feel secure on your website. Switching to HTTPS and installing an SSL certificate might help in this situation. It guarantees the encryption of in-transit data exchanges between web servers and client browsers, ensuring consumer PII protection.

Customers Should Check Website Authenticity Before Online Buying

The legitimacy of the online store’s website Although internet shopping is highly handy, it can be difficult to determine whether a store is legitimate. Everyone can set up a simple web store with pricing and images to appear authentic. Be careful to keep an eye out for the following to determine whether it is authentic:

  • Contact Information: Be sure to get in touch with them before purchasing to ensure that someone will be available to help you and that you can learn more about their service.
  • Website Layout: Browse and assess how professionally the site is designed. How good are the pictures, among other things, that you may learn from the website’s content?
  • Website encryption: The address bar will always display specific information when purchasing from a secure website. The padlock icon in the URL bar and the “s” in “https://” indicate that the connection between your computer and the website is encrypted and safe.


These are the top six items individuals consider for online shopping in Dubai that you must consider before buying via an online shop. There is a good likelihood that most of them will only buy from you if even one of them is gone. Your website must have all these elements to achieve sales and revenue. Ookaaz is one of the leading brands with high-quality products and guarantees its offers to its customers. Please leave your questions in the comments section if you have any regarding any of these elements. If not, begin putting them in place right now!

Dubai is a modern and technologically advanced city, and online shopping is a popular and convenient way for people to purchase goods. There are many online shopping websites and apps available in Dubai, offering a wide range of products from electronics and fashion to groceries and home goods.

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